How to do a Cpanel FTP/SFTP Transfer

Step 1

Gather all Usernames and Passwords Includes: WP login, PHP Password and SQL Password

Step 2

Login to Transmit (download OSx application here) with SFTP- Username/Password and export files

Step 3

Export .sql file from your MyPHP Admin

Step 4

Once completed, Stage Domain and remove main one

Step 5

On Cpanel create Add-On Domain

Step 6

On Cpanel, go to mysql database

Step 7

Create Database (Make Database name same as .sql file!!)

Step 8

Create User and make Username same as .sql file name and create password as the one in WP_config file (‘db_password’) or PHP and SFTP password

Step 9

Add user to Database (Make All Privileges)

Step 10

Import .sql file in PHPmyadmin and import into the correct database

Step 11

Open Transmit and connect to FTP use IP address and CPanel info to import into public_html folder

Step 12

Import all files from website into specific public_html folder

Step 13

Make sure IP address is identical to your cpanel IP

Step 14

In wp-config change ‘db_host’ info to ‘localhost’ and update

Step 15

Refresh the URL and congrats! Your website has been transfered!!